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Save2pc is a video downloader for Windows, a demo of the "Pro" version
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Save2pc is a video downloader for Windows. The developer of this application really made a mess out of naming the different versions of the application and allocating different features to each one of them. There is a light version, a standard version, and a pro version. The standard version we are reviewing here seems to be a demo of the full-featured "pro" version. It allows you to download 50% of YouTube videos and save them on your PC. It restricts the output formats that you can use to save those videos to as well. So, on top of only being able to download only 50% of a video, you have to put up with downloading an FLV file instead of an MP4 file. In other words, this standard version is as useless as a 1-wheel bicycle.

The downloading of videos is really easy, though. The application detects a http link in your clipboard, pastes it into the search field, and you get to search for the video. It detects the video and gives you options to download it. But of course 80% of the options don't work in the standard version. Then, 50% of the video is downloaded and you get to watch it. If the standard version was at least able to download a full video, then I would see its potential, but being the way it is, it is just worthless.

José Fernández
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  • Support for several streaming websites
  • Good format support


  • Ridiculous limitations in this standard version
  • It is a crippled application unless you buy it
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